Latin America Regional Workshop

Part of an EU-mandated Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment on the Environmental Goods Agreement.

The Environmental Goods Agreement is currently being negotiated between 17 WTO member states. This agreement aims to reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in “environmental goods”, defined as goods with an environmental end use. The negotiations are ongoing with the goal of concluding an agreement by early 2016. This workshop was part of the Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (Trade SIA) on the Environmental Goods Agreement, mandated by the European Commission to assess the potential impacts of the agreement and seek broad stakeholder input.

On 25th September 2015, the project team for the Sustainability Impact Assessment on the Environmental Goods Agreement held a Latin America regional workshop in Mexico City.  This workshop gathered relevant government, NGO and private sector stakeholders from the Latin America region to engage in a discussion on the likely socio-economic and environmental impacts of the Environmental Goods Agreement. Experts and government representatives from Europe and Latin America were invited to comment on the current state of the negotiations. The workshop gave regional stakeholders an opportunity to learn more about the agreement and was a chance for civil society to provide feedback on the potential impacts of the agreement.

This Latin America regional workshop was a key element of the Trade SIA's stakeholder outreach. Feedback from this workshop was directly relayed to the EC negotiating team and incorporated into the Final Report of the EGA Trade SIA.

Meeting details
· Date: 25th September 2015
· Location: Mexico City, Mexico
· Language: Spanish- primary language / English- translation to be provided


EGA Trade SIA Latin America Workshop AgendaEGA Trade SIA Latin America Workshop Agenda


1. Joao Pereira (EC) - State of Play EGA Negotiations

2. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) - A Living Agreement - Expanding the Scope of the EGA

3. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) - Inception Report

4. Matheus Alves de Brito (Waycarbon) - Climate Mitigation and Energy Efficiency

5. Camilo Terranova (Futura Energia) - Renewable Energy Development in Latin America

6. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) - Overview of Vehicular Emissions Control Technology (Corning, Ceramic Substrate)

7. Jose Ramon Sanchez Ceresuela (Cryplant) - Taller de la Region de Latino America - Sobre Acuerdos De Bienes Ambientales

8. Jaime Mijares (Smith's Group) - Mechanical Sealing Devices

9. Carlos E. Araya Arias (Florex) - Caso de éxito de Costa Rica - Florex Empresa Sostenible

10. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) - Roundtable discussion

Workshop report

EGA Trade SIA Latin America Workshop Report