Southeast Asia Workshop

Southeast Asia Workshop on the liberalisation of trade in environmental goods and services

Part of the EU-mandated Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment The Environmental Goods Agreement –

On September 10th 2015, the project team for the Sustainability Impact Assessment on the Environmental Goods Agreement held a Southeast Asia regional workshop in Malaysia. The focus of this workshop was to receive feedback from relevant government, industry and civil society stakeholders on the ongoing Environmental Goods Agreement negotiations. The agreement, which is currently being negotiated, aims to reduce barriers to trade in green technologies.

The input from this workshop was relayed to the EU trade negotiation team and has been incorporated into the Final Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment Report.

Date: 10th September 2015

Location:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



EGA Trade SIA Southeast Asia Workshop Agenda


1. Mary Elizabeth Chelliah (Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore) – State of Play EGA Negotiations - Singapore’s Perspective

2. Urszula Stepkowska (EC) – State of Play EGA Negotiations

3. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) – A Living Agreement - Expanding the Scope of the EGA

4. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) – Inception Report

5. Mary Elizabeth Chelliah (Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore) – Energy Efficiency in Climate Mitigation - Perspectives and Experience

6. Noor Miza Razali (International Energy Agency) – Renewable Energy Development in the Southeast Asia region

7. Philip Stone (Star 8) – Solar Tuk Tuks

8. Kevin Hor (UNDP) – Building Sector Energy Efficiency Project - Tune Hotel Case Study

9. Martin Hutagalung (Smiths Group) – Sealing Devices Project

10. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) – Total Access to Solar

11. Joachim Monkelbaan (Project Team) – Roundtable Discussion

Workshop report

EGA Trade SIA Southeast Asia Workshop Report