Stakeholder Consultation

As part of the Trade SIA, the Project Team will consult stakeholders from the public sector, private sector and civil society. This will be done in the following ways:


We invite all stakeholders to complete the stakeholder questionnaire.

Public Meetings

At least two public meetings will be organized in Brussels over the course of the project. These meetings will involve representatives of the Member States, the European Parliament, civil society, the private sector and other organisations. The Project Team will present work completed and all stakeholders will be able to provide their input.

Two public meetings are foreseen:

  • A first meeting after the submission of the draft inception report
  • A second meeting after the submission of the draft final report.


The Project Team will organize two regional workshops – one in Latin America and the Caribbean and one in Southeast Asia. The workshop will be designed to promote dialogue and gather perspectives of relevant parties, including in particular local public administrations, businesses involved in environment technology trading and services, environmental and social NGOs and civil society. The outputs of these workshops will feed into the results of the SIA.

During the regional workshops, key experts will present the intermediate findings of the SIA as well as provide a general presentation of the SIA process. Local and regional experts will be invited to make presentations outlining the important challenges and opportunities related to the environmental goods agreement and participants will be invited to comment and ask questions.  


Trade SIA newsletters are released at key stages in the study, coinciding with each report and other main project deliverables. Each newsletter will include a summary of the ongoing progress and preliminary results of the project, and will also provide updates on the most recent developments in the negotiations.

Apart from being available for download here, the newsletters will also be disseminated electronically to the stakeholder network.